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About Me

Hi, I'm Ryan and welcome to my showcase. Newly graduating, I'm looking to take my first steps into the industry. Here you'll see all my work so far and much more about me. If you're looking for a fresh mind with an affinity for games dev, game philosophy, programming and VR, I have a lot to offer you.


This section is all about who your going to be working with!

So I'm Ryan, probably one of the most friendly and outgoing people you'll ever meet. One of my main appeals to this industry it my confidence and ability to speak up.

I can find problems very quickly and I'm even better at vocalizing then. This industry is a team effort and a project can sink or swim depending on the groups ability to communicate.

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But if communication is important then it makes much easier to know we enjoy whom we are communicating with!

We'll for starters I am a nerd. I love painting, wargaming, table top role-play and of course video games. I'm a massive fan of anything 40k related currently, I know the IP is starting to dish out it's property like candy over Halloween so I could work well with GamesWorkshop properties. 

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In my free time I also paint in acrylics. I love the expression of art and I find it the one true way for people to visualize out own emotion and depict the human experience.

I'm also a regular Gym monkey, I love training, I find it so fulfilling for my mental health and I wouldn't be the person I am without it.

A very obscure thing I never thought I'd enjoy is language. I've studied many different languages including Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. While I may not speak them fluently I have learnt many of the fundamentals and grammar. My philosophy being if I learn more languages that's more people I can talk too.

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What Are My Games of Choice?

Finally the part all of you want to know.


Free Radical Design 1999

Originally a launch title for the PS2 and off the back of the people that made the world renowned 'golden eye', timesplitters came out of nowhere and perfected the industry standard controller layout 2 years before Halo. 

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Bethesda Studios 2006

Long before Skyrim there was Oblivion. A game with much more roleplay and intricate quest design than it's sequel. You could ague it's just nostalgia, but I'd say play through the dark brotherhood questlines and see for yourslef. 

X-Com Enemy Unknown

 Firaxis Games 2012

Well was I not blown away by this one! Slowly coming off from playing Warhammer 40k 5th edition, this game revived my love for the turn base genre with systems that all work together and a very rewarding game loop and many ways to approach a situation.

Finally Grades

Okay so what have I actually Achieved in games Dev



B-Tec Level  3 

Computer Games 

East Norfolk six form 


2020 - 2023

Undergrad Degree

Computer Games Programming
Anglia Ruskin University 


I just want to say while doing this degree in order to pass I was working near full time. I've always worked all my life and I finally want to work in an environment where I can actually refine my skills and learn so much more to actually find my place in the industry. The skills I've learnt at Uni is to be flexible and quickly adapt to new software and new genres very quickly. 

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