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Ryan Bull, Level Designer, Programmer & VR Enthusiast.

Hi, I'm Ryan and welcome to my showcase. Newly graduating, I'm looking to take my first steps into the industry. Here you'll see all my work so far and much more about me. If you're looking for a fresh mind with an affinity for games development, game philosophy, programming, and VR, I have a lot to offer you.


Competent Level Designer 

Understands what a level is trying to achieve for the player experience. what does the player need to know to proceed? Is the experience of learning the game fun? One of the key features I like to highlight in my portfolio is atmosphere. I could evoke the emotions I want the player to feel whilst traversing through the level. "FIND THE FUN", is an expression I used a lot.

Logic and Programing 

Programing is all about finding a solution to a problem. A skilled programmer knows there's a hundred solutions but can find the fastest solution. A programmer in industry knows for most problems there is an industry standard solution, they just need to apply it in a way that works for the rest of the team and let us not forget about coding comments that make sense.

Controls and player Interaction

Not one that's thought about by most developers but I spent a lot of time at Uni trying to experiment with different control layouts, while I understand most players want to be able to pick up a controller and know what's going on, for different genres there may be more intuitive ways for the player to interact with the game world, and I plan to spend more time experimenting with this. I've worked with developing standard layouts, mobile and VR.


I quickly fell in love with the VR format. Its new and it's still up and coming. I think we are still working out an industry standard for VR interaction seeing as VR systems can't seem to agree on a controller. With an advance understanding on how to make the experience intuitive for a player, I'm already ahead of most developers. 

Communications and Team Coordination 

Taking the lead on most projects, I understand the development pipeline. What stages of the game can be made at what times and bringing people and a team together to create a streamline workflow.



I've been studying language for over 3 years now in my free time. I now have a basic understanding of Spanish and Russian, both need work and are far from fluent, but should a role require I can quickly adapt.

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